Be a super seller

How do you feel when your school, Scout troop, or recreation club announces a sale? "Ugh!" runs through the minds of many, for selling can be a hard job. However, selling can be made easier -- even fun - when you keep some points in mind.

Whether you like selling or not, chances are that you will do it occasionally to reap the benefits your group seeks. Here are some ways to make your job easier:

1. Before the sale begins, let your relatives, neighbors, and friends know that you'll be selling chocolate, cookies, calendars, tickets, or whatever. You can also make some advance sales this way, and people will also keep you in mind when approached by others selling.

T2. Dress neatly. If you are representing a particular school or other group , wear your uniform. You'll put across a better image this way.

3. Smile and say hello before you begin your sales pitch. People like to see a cheerful face, not a vacant or bored one.

4. Speak in a clear voice. Avoid mumbling. Let your customer know right away what you are saying.

5. Tell your potential customer what you're selling and why. ("Could you please help your Y-teen club by buying a car of chocolate?") People will fell more inclined to support your cause if they know what it is.

6. Use the positive approach. "Would you please . . .?" and "Would you like to . . . ?" encourage more positive responses than "You don't want to buy . . . do you?" That only sets up a person to reply in the negative.

7. Keep change on hand, both coins and dollar bills. You may miss a sale if you don't have enough change handy.

8. Avoid carrying large sums of money. From time to time return home to put away extra money, or have your parents collect the money from you.

9. Keep a small notebook in your pocket to jot down the names and addresses of people who ask you to return at another time or who request a different item -- a different assortment of cookies, for instance.

10. Thank the people who don't buy as well as those who do, for both have given you the courtesy of listening to your sales pitch.

11. Don't be afraid of being turned down. Approach as many people as you can , not just every fourth customer entering a store. If you plan to station yourself outside a bank or supermarket, ask permission of the manager. Unless you do, you may find yourself being escorted off the property.

12. It is a good idea to have a friend who "works" the other side of the street so you can watch out for each other.

13. Keep a careful record of what you have sold and the money received. Unless you do, you may find yourself paying for unaccounted-for items out of your own pocket.

After you have spent a few days selling, you will undoubtedly discover other tips for selling success. Jot them down to save for future use.

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