Vinegar helps clean a fiber-glass tub

Q. Will vinegar damage a fiber-glass tub and shower? We live in a hard-water area, which causes deposits to build up on the plumbing fixtures. We have found , however, that vinegar will clean the tough buildup on fiber-glass surfaces. George H. Hopkins Valley Center, Calif.

A. To our knowledge, vinegar will not harm a fiber-glass surface, especially if it hasn't done so already.

It seems to me that the pad or brush that is used to apply the vinegar is of more concern than the liquid itself. Be sure to use a brush or pad that itself will not scratch the fiber glass.

To help ease the deposit problem at its source, install a water softener. It would filter out some of the minerals in the water. Water softeners can be bought, or rented and serviced by a local water-softener firm.

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