Investing in a Swiss annuity wise?; Swiss investment

My wife and I are in the 45 percent-plus income tax bracket. We are considering the investment of $25,000 in an annuity that guarantees lifetime income and would be paid in Swiss francs. -- K.C.S.

A Swiss annuity would protect your retirement income from a portion of inflation s long as the Swiss franc continued to appreciate relative to the dollar.Recent moves by the Swiss to loosen controls may cause the Swiss franc to turn down relative to the dollar. For more information, I suggest you read "The Complete Guide to Swiss Protection," Librex Publishing Company, PO Box 480428, Los Angeles, CA 90048 ($15), or contact an insurance broker in Switzerland, such as Assurex, SA, Volkmarstrasse 10, PO Box 2090V, 8033 Zurich, Switzerland.

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