Democrats disagree on

Despite President Carter's concessions on several platform planks here, at least a dozen otherissues could spark fireworks Tuesday and Wednesday. One issue -- Minority Report No. 3 -- is expected to result in a roll-call vote Tuesday night.

That report, opposed by the White House, requests a $12 billion anti-recession jobs program. Backers claim the program would add 800,000 jobs to the US economy.

Also debated during the next two days will be a number of other minority reports. Among them:

* A promise to enact a complete national health insurance program.

* A policy that makes jobs the "highest domestic priority" -- to "take precedence over all other domestic priorities."

* A promise that the party will withhold financial support from candidates who do not support the Equal Rights Amendment.

* A pledge to support women seeking federal funding for health services involving "reproductive decisions."

* A policy to repeal $5.2 billion in oil subsidies for intangible drilling and development costs.

* A pledge to oppose federal gasoline taxes or oil import fees to increase the price of gasoline.

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