Happy end for Democratic convention could boost Carter 10 points in polls

Democrats project that President Carter will get a tremendous boost in the public opinion polls -- perhaps 10 points -- if the convention here ends harmoniously.

Mr. Carter trails Ronald Reagan 47 to 31 in the latest Gallup poll, and 47 to 27 in a New York Times/CBS survey.

John C. White, Democratic Party chairman, told reporters over breakfast here that he expects the Carter-Reagan gap to close quickly.

"I think after the Sept. 7 debate, the polls will be flat," Mr. White said.

Democratic officials here obviously hope that this fall's three presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate will prove to be a major boost for the White House.

That may be one reason Mr. White and other Democrats would prefer a one-on-one Carter-Reagan debate that excluded independent candidate John Anderson.

Political analysts and pollsters believe that Mr. Anderson draws most of his support from voters who otherwise would be in the Democratic column.

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