There is a Palestinian state

Central to any discussion of the issue before us is the basic fact . . . that two states have been established on the territory of the former Palestine Mandate. One is the Palestinian Arab state of Jordan, which achieved national self-determination, independence, and sovereignty in 1946. The other is the Palestinian Jewish state of Israel which became independent in 1948. Hence, there is no need or justification whatsoever for the establishment of a secondm Palestinian Arab state. The fact is that the vast majority of Jordan's citizens are Palestinian Arabs; and, similarly, the vast majority of Palestinian Arab are Jordanian citizens.

Moreover, the Palestinian Arab state of Jordan is only one of 21 separate Arab states, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Persian Gulf, in which the Arabs have realized self-determination since the end of the first world war. The combined area of those 21 states is 5,500,000 square miles, that is to say, 10.3 percent of the world's land surface. The Arab states straddle an unbroken land-mass greater in size than Europe, the United States or China, and are rich in material resources, not least of them oil, on which much of modern life depends.

On the other hand, the total area of the original Palestine Mandate on which a Jewish state was to be established was about 45,000 square miles, that is, less than one percent of the enormous territories encompassed by the 21 Arab states today. This, however, is by no means the end of the story. With the establishment of the Palestinian Arab state of Jordan on about 80 percent of the territory of the Palestine Mandate, the Palestinian Jewish state -- Israel -- was left with less than one-fifth of ine percent -- I repeat, less than one-fifth of one percent -- of the total area of all the 21 Arab states today. And even this tiny sliver of land for the Jewish people to exercise its right of self-determination in its ancestral patrimony has been begrudged by the Arab world, which is apparently incapable of countenancing a non-Arab and non-Muslim state in the Middle East.

Before 1967 Israel did not control Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District. Yet there was no demand thenm for the establishment of a "Palestinian state" in those areas. The Arab countries which now so sanctimoniously preach about the necessity for a "Palestinian state" in those areas did nothing at the time.

The explanation for this is very simple: the entire world knew that the Kingdom of Jordan ism the Palestinian Arab state, just as the state of Israel is the Palestinian Jewish state.

The assertion of a second Palestinian Arab identity is merely one more subterfuge designed to bring about the destruction of the state of Israel -- if not in one fell swoop, then in stages.

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