Saving the scrubbing on aluminum storms

Q. We have an older house with aluminum-frame storm windows. Scrubbing does not keep them from getting smoky and striped. i am told the aluminum was not anodized. Can I paint something on the aluminum to save myself from all that scrubbing? Ella May Fyfe

A. You sure can. All you have to do is paint the aluminum window frames.

First, clean the frames of residue and wash them with a solvent. Then apply a first coat of either zinc chromate or metal primer as recommended by your local paint store.

The second, or finish, coat should match the surrounding area.

An alternate method is to first remove the deposits on the aluminum. Then, apply a top- quality paste wax to the clean frames -- the kind used on automobiles and boats. This helps to keep the aluminum frames from deteriorating. However, the waxing process has to be repeated from time to time to forestall the deterioration of the raw aluminum.

Next time around I suspect you'll insist on aluminum windows that are anodized. Right?

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