Western upturn in mid-81?

The recessions taht are in progress in the United States and Britain and the growth recessions in Canada, Japan, France, and West Germany are all expected to give way to recovery by mid-1981, according to Cahners Publishing Company's economics department.

The upturn in the US economy will lead the way and will begin as early as October of this year. The ensuing recoveries will be staggered -- appearing first in Canada in early 1981, then several months later in France and West Germany, and last, by midyear in Japan and the United Kingdom.

Just as the current slowdowns/recessions have been labeled "somewhat" synchronous, so too will the upturns. US exports to these five countries, as a result of the current recessions, will increase only 5 percent in 1981 - down from this year's anticipated 15 percent gain.

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