Buying for babies: consumer guide focuses on safety and comfort; Good Things for Babies, by Sandy Jones, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. $6.95 (paperback).

While reading this book, I repeatedly wished that it had been written before my first child was born a little over 12 years ago. It is an especially helpful and informative book that should be obtained as soon as a first baby is known to be "on the way,"

Carrying recommendations from Dr. Benjamin Spock and Dr. Burton L. White, both well known and vocal in the field of infant care and development, the book focuses on safety and consumer advice in the choosing of equipment and toys for babies.

Over 150 items are pictured that are considered safe, durable, and well designed. In addition, there are several drawings of items such as cribs, highchairs, walkers, and toys in designs that are unsafe, giving notations of the specific reasons for their being so. These drawings are valuable guides in showing what to look for when shopping.

Every chapter ends with a list of the companies that make the items recommended. Mr. Jones lists for parents dozens of good books about products and child development, and gives lists of books and records a child would enjoy as his first ones.

The chapters are arranged alphabetically by subject and cover "Basics" and "Back Packs" (most recommended ones carry baby in front) to "Toys" and "Walkers and Jumpers." Two other chapters recommend what clothes and footwear are best buys.

Mrs. Jones wants to hear from her readers, too, and points out that when parents speak out and demand better products, and purchase only the ones that are safe and suitable for babies, all children will benefit.

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