Supply equals demand

When my husband and I park our motor home for the night, we need to make sure it's level. Our eyes fool us sometimes. But an instrument in the vehicle always gives an accurate reading of the levelness of the ground and helps us correct our position when necessary.

In the same way, when the ups and downs of the economy cry out for balancing, one simple, intelligently used corrective can help set things straight. By relating ourselves to the divine fact that supply equals demand, we can level our economic situation.

Adjusting our lives may require both discipline of the mortal self and demonstration of our immortal possibilities. But we canm improve our situation. After all, the equality of supply and demand is a divine law.

Invoking God's law, Christ Jesus gave thanks and fed five thousand hungry people with only seven loaves and a few fish. n1

n1 See Mathew 15:32-38

If we believe that we are confronted with excessive demands, can't we, too, prudently gather whatever supply is available and be grateful for it? We can look beyond the evidence of too much demand and too little supply to acknowledge the divine law that governs all God's creation, maintaining every spiritual idea in harmony and completeness.

God is indivisible spiritual substance, source of both demand and supply. Deific substance is never wasted or hoarded, never bloated with greed or shrunk with fear. In fact, true substance isn't increased or decreased by any means. Inexhaustible, spiritual good remains forever intact and unspent. It is infinite.

The perfect cause, God, substantiates only perfect effects. Therefore, no effect of substance can unbalance another. God not only supplies exactly what He demands, He demands entirely what He supplies.

Expressing integrity and completeness, eternal, spiritual man -- the only real man -- wants nothing and lacks nothing. But to invoke the divine law of supply equaling demand when erratic conditions arise on the human scene, we must subordinate our lives to the substance of good that constitutes and executes all divine law. When we learn to be as humbly thankful to give as to receive, we will always find enough good for every good purpose. Mary Baker Eddy n2 shows the perfect basis for demonstrating sufficiency: "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." n3

n2 Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science;

n3 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,m p. 494.

Several years ago my husband's one-man business prospered to the point where we both agreed it would be imprudent not to expand. He purchased a building and hired employees. But soon the construction field, a major avenue of his livelihood, slumped, and longtime clients were forced into bankruptcy. We were left with uncollectible debts amounting to approximately a year's income, a staggering drop in orders, and the same mounting inflation everyone else faced. Recovery would have looked impossible if our healing experiences in Christian Science had not taught us that because restoration is just and right, it is not only possible but inevitable.

Adjusting ourselves to the law of supply equaling demand, we found many ways to economize.When one of our employees was offered a better job, replacing her with a part-time helper brought a big reduction in operating expenses. The construction market gradually revived and new clients came. Step by step, the business leveled off. And all the while, every obligation was paid promptly.In fact, we learned to be grateful to disburse as well as to deposit!

No matter how sharply economic conditions soar or plummet, true supply and demand remain constant. They cannot be unbalanced. By this simple gauge we can learn to discipline material wants and develop spiritual strengths. If there appears to be an inequity of supply and demand, it is our sense of values that must be righted.

Lack is an illusion of the material senses. In God's all-inclusive household and all-employing business, demand exactly matches supply. After all, spiritual substance cannot exceed or fall short of itself. Substance is God. And God is All-in-all.

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