Edgar Dolphin Saves the Sea

Once there was a dolphin who lived in the Pacific Ocean.His name was Edgar Dolphin. One day when Edgar was swimming and happily jumping through the water, he suddenly realized there was a big pipe sticking out of the ocean floor. Edgar went to investigate; however, he could not get closer than ten feet, because there was a brown liquid coming from the big pipe. "I wonder where that is coming from," he said.

Edgar swam to King Otto the Octopus, who always knew what to do with big problems.

Just then Shark Two arrived. "What's up?" he asked.

"Junk, that's what's up," replied Edgar. "It's everywhere."

"Well, why are we swimming around?Let's do something about it," said Shark Two. Edgar then told them what he had found while swimming Otto suggested they follow the pipe and find out where it was coming from. "Good idea," they all agreed.

Then they followed the pipe to an oil drilling rig. Pretty soon a man appeared with a little black box in his hand. He turned a switch and the box made a funny noise. But when Edgar spoke, the man could understand what he was saying: "We need help. I think your oil pipe has a leak. Get some men and follow me, and I will show you where it is broken."

The man left and soon reappeared with several divers. They jumped into the water and followed Edgar.

There were 14 men with equipment. They soldered the pipe together and the leaking oil stopped.

Edgar was a real hero, and the men had a party for him and all of his friends. There was plenty of fish for everyone. At the party King Otto said, "I am getting old and I can tell you would be a good king, because you are so wise. So I am giving you my crown." Edgar was so happy he jumped like a rocket into the air. When he came down, he thanked Otto and said he would always do his best to take care of the ocean.

And that's how Edgar Dolphin saved the sea.

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