Summer cosmetics: bright, natural, glowing

New York's big cosmetics companies agree. "Clean and clear" define the look for this summer. Colors are bright, even brilliant, in intensity. The "muddy" look of this past autumn is gone. Fresh pastels highlight the eyes, and vivid reds and pinks blossom on lips and nails.

Although application of cosmetics should be lighter than it was in the winter , this summer is the season to make the most of shades that glow.

Eyes that are dramatic but not dark and skin that radiates a clean, natural look are the season's style. The key to making the most of these effects is balance. Eye shadow, lipstick, and blush should work together to achieve a play of color against color which leaves the whole face shining.

Skillful blending of shades will allow colors to create a look that is bright but not jarring, sophisticated, yet still natural.

For those who spend much of the summer outdoors, several cosmetics lines include facial products with a built-in sun screen.

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