More on floor care To the real estate editor:

We would like to thank you for your objective analysis of Mrs. Rosentreter's inquiry on Torginol floors. As with any product, its performance is dependent on a variety of conditions. In this case, it is especially important that the installer is a well-qualified, factory-trained specialist. Assuming he was (Mrs. Rosentreter did state her floors have been in service for 15 years, which is a credible amount of time), then if a simple maintenance program had been followed her floors would have retained their glossy appearance.

Maintenance consists of a damp-mopping to keep clean, never waxing, and reglazing with a clear urethane every three or four years.

In trying to resolve the problem, if Mrs. Rosentreter will contact us, we will direct her to one of our qualified applicators in her area.

Thanks one again for bringing this problem to the surface. Tim Hughes Peterson Chemical Corporation Sheboygan, Wis.

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