Metal roof leaks? Here are repair options

Q. The roof of an industrial metal warehouse which we own has corrogated steel with overlapping sheets which are secured by screws with neoprene washers. The roof continues to leak in different spots. Repairs have been tried by using a compound mixture to seal the roof. However, the tenant complains that when the wind blows in different directions, new leaks appear. What can I do? Edward L. Williams New Orleans, La.

A. If the metal building is relatively new, get in touch with the contractor and/or manufacturer and ask for advice.

One metal building contractor suggests tightening and caulking the roof panel screws as necessary. Then, spray the roof with an approved aluminum coating material. As an alternative, albeit more expensive, he would prefer spraying polyurethane foam insulation on top of the roof panels, using an approved exterior material with a top sealer film.

I visualize several thousand screws, each with a washer, on a great expanse of roof. Thus, I groan at the prospect of trying to make watertight each individual screw and washer. I think the practicalities of the situation would turn me toward an elastomeric coating.

VIP West Inc., 1287 66th Street, Emeryville, Calif. 94608, among others, may be the type of company to call on for help. It makes sealants in emulsion-type polymerized acrylics which remain resilient and are available in five grades.

VIP experts are on call to analyze and solve problems with tailormade products and systems. For detailed information, call (800) 447-1980.

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