Bolivian Army unit revolts in attempt to wrest power

The 6th Army Division of the Bolivian Army revolted Thursday in an efford to block an Aug. 4 session of Congress that is to choose a successor to President Lidia Gueiler, Col. Francisco Monroig, commander of the unit told United Press International. He said the command, situated in the remote northeast town of Trinidad, was in a state of insurrection. He demanded that Mrs. Gueiler turn over power to the armed forces, but it was not immediately clear how many other Army units would support him.

The Carter administration has threatened a cutoff in aid if civilian rule is not maintained.

Bolivia, which has held three presidential elections in two years and last year suffered a coup that put the Army in power for two weeks, held nonconclusive elections last month in which Hernan Siles Suazo, a center- left candidate, finished first but failed to win an absolute majority.

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