Anderson backers: one-third iffy

Only 66 percent of the supporters of John Anderson, the independent presidential candidate, said they are "pretty certain" to vote for him in November, compared with 79 percent of Ronald Reagan's supporters and 72 percent of President Carter's, a nationwide survey showed Tuesday.

The poll showed that Mr. Anderson is running a close third in a three- man race. The telephone survey of 1,466 registered voters gave Reagan 40 percent of the vote, Carter 30 percent, and Anderson 25 percent.

But the poll, published by the Los Angeles Times, also picked up indications that many voters still do not take the independent candidate seriously. Only 8 percent of Mr. Anderson's supporters and 3 percent of all voters said they thought he could really win the presidency.

Meanwhile, Mr. Anderson took his bid for overseas exposure to France Tuesday, but President Valery Giscard d'Estaing declined to see him. On Monday, however, the candidate was granted a two-hour private meeting with German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

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