The most economic standy temperature

Q. Some members of our church want to turn the thermostat in winter back to 55 degrees F., keep all the doors closed, and thus save money. Others disagree, saying the rooms are too cold when they have to be used and that it takes much longer for the furnace to do its job. What do you say? Shirley Kriser Baldwin, N.Y.

A. I would keep the thermostat set at a tolerable level instead of turning it up and down several times a week. For verification, get in touch with your local gas or electric company for advice, thermostat setting, and other suggestions for energy conservation.

The utilities have many ideas on practical energy savings in your locale.

Of course, turning you over to the local utility for a final decision helps to extricate me from any controversy. Having designe d and/or built a good many churches, I always am leery on color recommendations, for example, since no matter what colors are chosen, some are going to object.

Thus, give the local gas or electric company a chance.

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