Where to find prefab designed for solar

We would like to build a passive-solar house of proven design. Thus, we thought that a prefabricated house, such as those manufactured by Acorn Structures in Massachusetts, might be a good idea. Are there similar types of companies which are closer to the Midwest? Frank C. Koranda Hastings, Neb.

I sugges you write to the National Association of Home Manufacturers, 6521 Arlington Boulevard, Falls Church, VA 22042. The telephone number is (703) 533- 9606.

The association puts out a thick catalog which includes a list of manufacturer-members, including those doing log and dome homes; about two dozen pages of floor plans and designs; and articles on such subjects as solar energy and the energy efficiency of manufactured homes, etc.

There are nearly three dozen companies listed for your state.

You might ask the association for a copy of the "Guide to Manufactured Homes." There may be a slight charge.

I think you'll find the answers to your questions within its pages. If not, simply ask someone at the association's headquarters in Falls Church for some help.

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