More insulation for block walls

Have you any ideas on how to increase the insulation on a house built of concrete blocks? It has not basement and no attic and there already is about three inches of fiberglass between the blocks and the inside walls. Yet the house always feels cold along the floor in the winter. Mario Tosto St. Paul, Minn.

I suppose you could use some kind of perimeter insulation on the outside wall. This would tend to improve the chilly situation along the floors. How about looking into a high-density product, such as Styroroam-brand insulation board by Dow Chemical Company, or equal?

Dow says a three-quarter-inch sheet of its Styrofoam product has the same insulation value as a concrete-block wall 29 inches thick, a poured concrete wall almost 51 inches thick, a brick wall nearly 37 inches thick, or a wood wall more than 3 inches thick.

You also could consider some kind of polyurethane product as well.

Have you checked with a local building-supply dealer about alternatives? Whatever you do, be sure to follow explicitly the instructions that come with the product.

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