Ways to keep linoleum looking almost new

Q. How do I restore the 9-year-old linoleum flooring in my apartment to its original condition? Henry W. Hoklas Minneaspolis

A. We fired this question off to the Armstrong Cork Company, PO Box 3001, Lancaster, Pa. 17604. You should have a copy of the booklet we got in the mail: "How to Keep Your Armstrong Flooring Looking It's Best."

Here is what Mrs. Joan M. Greiner, the company customer relations correspondent, said in essence:

To restore linoleum flooring sheen, remove all wax with a solution of one cup ammonia, one-fourth cup cleaner, such as Top Job, Mr. Clean, and the like, and one-half gallon water. To protect the linoleum, apply thin uniform coats of a quality floor finish, such as Armstrong's Super Durelle or Mirasheen, or equal. All the linoleum manufacturers have their own brand-name products. Apply the finish first to a sponge mop or applicator and then to the surface of the floor.

Thus, it is easier to achieve a thin uniform application. (When the finish is applied directly to the floor surface, it is much more difficult to direct the flow evenly.)

To reach the gloss level you want, several thin applications may be required. Allow each application to dry overnight to insure the best results.

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