Tile troubles

To the real estate editor: I think I may able to help two of your readers: The first had to do with stains in the bathtub. We readily removed stains with a product called Prox-Out, made in Fort Wayne, Ind., and possibly available from a local water-conditioning company.

Then we had slate installed in our front hall. The installer didn't let the grout dry completely before applying a sealing coat. The grout had a very spotty, uneven look. We complained to the installer and he returned and used an opaque stain (I believe oil-based) to "paint" the grout a very attractive and unnoticeable slate-gray color, using a thin artist's brush.

It took a little time but we are very pleased with the improvement.

I always enjoy your column and realize we have overcome many of the difficulties which your readers face. Patricia Kupinse Easton, Conn.

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