Campaign Roundup (3)

The views of some of Ronald Reagan's aides and foreign-policy advisers are proving an embarrassment to his less hawkish supporters: Michael Deaver and Peter Hannaford head a public relations firm representing Taiwan. The two aides wrote speeches for Reagan, advocating that the US restore full diplomatic relations with Taiwan -- and drawing some strong warnings from Peking.

Hawkish defense analyst Edward Luttwak, who under the pseudonym "Miles Ignotus" penned a magazine article in 1975 urging US military seizure of Persian Gulf oil, is advising Reagan on defense and foreign policy. Luttwak once served in the Israeli army.

Reagan Mideast adviser Joseph Churba spoke out in South Africa recently for greater US support to that country's white-supremacy regime.

A controversial advocate of all-out US support of Israel, Churba once worked in a consulting firm with Rabbi Meier Kahane, head of the extremist Jewish Defense League. Kahane was detained in Israel recently on suspicion of plotting to provoke bloodshed by blowing up the al-Aqsa Mosque, one of Jerusalem's holiest shrines.

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