Baath Party wins control in Iraq legislative election

After 22 years of military dictatorship, Iraq Sunday looked forward to a one-party system of democratic rule following general elections for a new 250 -member National Assembly.With results from Friday's voting declared, the Arab Baath Socialist Party, to which President Saddam Hussein and all his aides belong, appeared to control parliament, which will have little executive power but wide legislative functions.

The new parliament, which is scheduled to meet early in July, cannot topple a government by a no-confidence vote. But it can recommend the dismissal of one or more ministers subject to approval by the Revolutionary Command Council.

The Assembly can approve, amend, and even retract a draft bill submitted by the government if such a move is in the higher interests of the country.

The new Assembly will include more women than in any other Arab country. Eighteen out of 19 women candidates were elected.

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