Unheated house?

To the real estate editor: In the May 5 issue, Robert Hill was considering the pros and cons of turning off the heat in his home when leaving for the winter.

Yes, indeed, I have turned off the heat entirely in my Michigan home for the last 15 winters before leaving for five or six months in florida. There has been no damage to either my home or its contents. Furthermore, I live on a lake with no damage from dampness, either.

Although our Michigan winters may not be as severe as in New Hampshire, the temperature does go below zero at times.

My home has radiant hot-water heating, but the water pipes have a sealed-in permanent antifreeze solution in them, so there is no problem at all.

I am careful to put antifreeze in all the plumbing fixtures, however.

I save considerably by turning off the gas heat completely and feel freer than if I had heat in the house to be concerned about.

Thank you for your column. Your answers are practical and informative. Florence Hoon Manchester, Mich.

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