Cook and sight-see

A special summer culinary course called Cook 'N' Tour, combines cooking and sight-seeing, providing an opportunity to study with award-winning chefs in professional facilities, beginning June 23 at Johnson & Wales College, Providence, R.I.

The three-day course scheduled intensive cooking demonstrations in Oriental cuisine, classical haute cuisine, and international delicacies from 9 a.m. to noon on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Chef Socrates Z. Inonog, director of operations, Culinary Arts Division, is in charge of the morning cooking sessions.

A full-course luncheon daily is followed by afternoon excursions such as trips to Boston's Chinatown, Quincy Market, and the Newport mansions.

Dinner events are special occasions with one evening devoted to a multicourse classical dinner with the instructor, Chef Moshe Nograd, discussing the menu and giving a commentary for each course at Rhode Island Inn's Banquet Hall.

The course is scheduled for the first three days of every week from Monday, June 23, through Wednesday, Aug. 27. The complete course including three morning cooking sessions, bus tours, lunches, and dinner costs about $160.

For more information or a brochure write Johnson & Wales College of Continuing Education, Abbott Park Place, Providence, R.I., 02093.

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