Gls held on drug charges in Europe; Latin ring hit

US military police seized $2 million in heroin, hashish, and LSD and arrested 55 American soldiers in one of the largest drug crackdowns of the Army in Europe , US officials said Tuesday. The operation, code-named Snow White 2, was a follow-up to Snow White 1, in which military police seized $8 million in heroin and arrested 92 Gls in 1978.

Meanwhile, police in Argentina, Bolivia, and the United States seized 1,120 pounds of cocaine, worth $6 million at street value, and dealt a heavy blow to a South American drug-smuggling syndicate controlled from Bogota, Colombia, by a leader called El Papa Negro, police said Tuesday. Argentine police arrested three Colombians; Bolivian police, six persons. US police seized 800 pounds of cocaine in Miami.

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