Campaign Roundup (6)

Ronald Reagan's next big play, now that the GOP nomination is safely in his grip, is to designate his running mate. Politicians, pollsters, and pundits have been speculating on this for weeks.

Reagan dampened suggestions that he would try to balance his ticket with a running mate perceived as more moderate, such as Sen. Howard Baker of Tennessee. "Maybe we can overdo moderation," he said last week.

His campaign manager, William Casey, stressed Reagan's careful, systematic approach to the choice to avoid "an Eagleton-type problem."

Rep. Jack Kemp of New York apparently is favored for the No. 2 spot by a slight margin among GOP convention delegates. A poll taken by an organization formed to promote Kemp as Reagan's running mate found 28.3 percent of the delegates wanted Kemp on the ticket, 27 percent preferred Baker, and 19.6 wanted George Bush.

The Democratic Party will "spend what it takes" to keep Anderson off state ballots where they can.

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