Good eggs, easy to find

Here are some facts you might like to know about eggs: * Egg grades tell you what the interior quality of the egg is. A top-quality egg has a thick white and the yolk is firm and high. The white in a Grade B egg will spread more than that of a Grade AA or Grade A. The yolk may also be flatter.

* Choose Grades AA and A for frying, poaching, and hard-boiling eggs. Grade B are good for general cooking and baking and for other uses where appearance is not important.

* Never "boil" eggs -- unless you want them to have the texture of tennis balls.

* The green ring around the yolk is caused by a reaction within the egg -- combining iron and sulfur. After cooking, plunge eggs into a bowl of cold water , to prevent the green ring from forming.

* Very fresh eggs are hard to peel. For hard boiling it is better to use one- week-old eggs.

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