Spring: the Force of Life

Suddenly, it seems, frozen streams are running free. The ground begins to thaw. Green shoots arch through the soil and take shape. Animals start to move again. The earth is dew covered. Everything comes to life. The world looks nice, smells nice -- is nice. And all is free.

The sun spills out of its cage and warms everything with glory. Things soften and commence to flow. Water bubbles and dashes with a new, fresh vitality. Trees and plants become green and moist in frost-free earth. They are born and they bloom. Animals, birds, and sea creatures move, migrate, mate, and give birth. People, too. All things are young and new -- rich with life and color. They let go.

Not all is pleasant, but everyone, everything feels the change. A new start. Even in the darkest spaces a light shines through. Everything lengthens, stretches, is valiant and strong. But overseen is the pain of birth, of training, of death and failure. People start a task on whim with an invincible feeling, and meet complications they had not anticipated. They work to their very limit and overcome, or it is all in vain and they must accept failure and defeat.

Spring is the force and essence of life. There are births and deaths, accomplishments and failures, but most of all beauty -- beauty in life, beauty in rebirth, beauty in something new.

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