Iranian parliament sets up its rules and committees

Iran's first Islamic parliament, charged by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini with setting terms for the release of the US hostages, met in its first official meeting THursday to debate procedure and set up 10 committees. The committees will study legislators' credentials and draw up guidelines for transacting parliamentary business.

There was no discussion about the hostages, held since Nov. 4, but one member of the Majlis (parliament) told reporters outside the assembly chamber that he would support any suggestion for trying the captives. Hojatoleslam Assadollah Bayat, represenstative for Mahneshan in the northern province of Zanjan, said: "The hostages should be tried in Iran. Those who are guilty will be punished and the rest will be freed." He said the hostages should be tried in Islamic courts and by an international court sitting in Iran.

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