On Wintering Over

To the real estate editor: Thousands of homes are closed every winter at vacation places without harm unless one is careless. Mildew on leather has to be anticipated.

In draining the house one can easily neglect to open all the spigots indoors and out, including tub and shower. One can flush the toilet and not realize there may remain as much as a quart of water in the tank. One can also fail to drain the hot-water tank, forget the tub-shower traps, and go off leaving water in the toilet.

Some people pour in kerosene, but why put up with that mess? A large sponge will soon take out the water. If a stench arises from the sewer pipe, stuff in an old pair of pants or some towels to block it.

Maybe there will always be one last thing overlooked, but let not that be the plumbing. R. B. Beaman Rockport, Mass.

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