Military commission takes charge in Uganda

The military commission that ousted President Godfrey Binaisa last week has set up a cabinet to tighten its hold on Uganda. The 24-member cabinet is headed by Paulo Muwanga, commission chairman and former labor minister. The commission will assume all effective executive, legislative, and constitutional powers.

The cabinet changes, which include 10 new ministers, signify that all those close to Mr. Binaisa or hostile to Milton Obote's Uganda People's Congress have been removed, diplomats say. Mr. Obote, in exile for nine years after being toppled by dictator Idi Amin, plans to return this month to campaign in Uganda's September elections.

The military commission also set up a three-man presidential commission but did not name its members. However, last week Ugandan leaders agreed in a meeting with Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere that all three would be civilians.

In an interview with Reuters, Mr. Muwanga said he has not ruled out the possibility that former President Binaisa will be put on trial. Mr. Binaisa is guarded by Tanzanian troops at his residence at the old colonial capital of Entebbe.

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