Libyans refuse to leave unless US explains order

Four Libyan citizens who the US State Department says are diplomats and whom it has ordered deported told newsmen Wednesday they would not leave the Libyan mission building until they are given a chance to explain their case under "due process" of American law. The four US-educated Libyans -- Muhmannad Gammudi, Abdallah Zbedi, Ali Lel- Ramram, and Nuri Swedan -- had been ordered to leave the United States by Monday. Police and FBI agents, waiting outside the mission , refused to answer questions, because the State Department considers the mission an embassy, enjoying diplomatic immunity.

The four Libyans and the chief of the mission, Dr. Ali Lel-Houderi, said they would not resist arrest if police entered, since this was a "people bureau" and not an embassy in the conventional sense: It was taken over by students who replaced the former diplomats last year. They deny allegations that they have been intimidating antiregime Libyans in the US.

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