Getting a line on passive solar

I have several clients who are asking that I build them passive solar-heated, three-bedroom homes in southern Oregon. I would appreciate it, therefore, if you could send me any available articles or information on passive solar heating. also, what is the address of Acorn Structures in Massachusetts? Robert S Miller Talent, Ore.

First, here is the address of Acorn Structures: Rear of 1 Keefe Road, East acton, MA 01720.

Now, about those passive solar-heated houses in southern Oregon. I have a catalog from the Passive Solar Institute that is jampacked with information on the subject.the address I have is: PO Box 722, DAvis, CA 95616. I've called the Solar Heating and Cooling Information Center in Rockville, Maryland, in an attempt to get a phohe number for the organization, but without avail. Thus, you may want to drop a card in the mail. The catalog I have in hand is priced at $5 but is dated 1978; the prices may have risen.

The Solar Heating and Cooling Information Center says it has an abundance of data on passive solar systems, so give it a call. The toll-free phone number is: (800) 523-2929.

Quite a few builders in new England are putting up passive solar homes, and this must be true in other parts of the country, too. Why don't you get in touch with the nearest homebuilders association, such as in Portland, Salem, or maybe Eugene?

I believe the Department of Energy has published some basic plans for a number of passive solar homes. Check with the department in Washington, D.C.

That should give you enough information to get you started.

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