Footnote to the draft

When it came time for the New England Patriots to make their second selection on the first round of this year's NFL draft, Southern Cal's Charles White was still available. But the Patriots passed over the Trojan tailback to take Notre Dame's Vagas Ferguson. New England owner Billy Sullivan had received such good reports about halfback Ferguson from Notre Dame coach Dan Devine that the franchise snatched him up.

What Devine told Sullivan was that Vagas is an exceptional human being and an incredible competitor. During Ferguson's four years at Notre Dame, the Fighting Irish recorded 12 come-from-behind victories, and Vagas was considered the key in each of them.

With New England fullback Sam Cunningham unsigned for next season, the running-back situation has been up in the air. The Patriots believe the recent acquisition of Chuck Foreman, the ex-Viking, and now Ferguson should help solidify things in the ballcarrying department.

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