Refinishing shower rust spots is a puzzle

Q some years ago we installed a Fiat metal shower stall in our guest house. When rust appeared we applied a coat of enamel to the inside. The paint has flaked and the shower needs refinishing again. We've thought of applying Rustoleum zinc chromate primer to the bare metal, followed by a coat of Rustoleum. What would you suggest we use and how? William B. Ritterbusch Woodstock, N.Y.

A It is quite a feat to maintain paint on the inside of a metal shower. Our consultant has drawn a blank on the matter. And if he's drawn a blank, you can imagine how I'm wringing my hands over what to use.

Your own idea to use Rustoleum zinc chromate primer on the bare metal, followed with a coat of Rustoleum, sounds worth a try.

If it were my metal shower stall I'd ask the manufacturer for his recommendations on what to use and how to use it. If you write to Fiat, let the rest of us in on the secret material that will last till kingdom come inside a damp shower.

We don't believe that such a material is around today.

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