Geography is part of destiny

The following definition of geography by Prof. Jean Dresch, former director of the Institute of Geography at the University of Paris, provides a world view beyond the borders of any single nation.

"Geography is not a matter of mere intellectual curiosity. It involves the destiny of each and every one of us.

"The teaching of geography cannot leave the student indifferent, unmoved, or uncommitted. It succeeds, depending on age, in bringing understanding; it should (as evidence of its success) arouse sympathy for animals, plants, and natural landscapes, respect for all that is alive, the desire not to contribute in any way to destroying or spoiling these extraordinary terrestrial ecosystems of which man is so intimately a part.

"It should awaken fellow-feeling for man, whatever his class, color, and culture; a young school-leaver should not be racist, and to condemn such and such a socioeconomic or political system should not move him to hatred or violence.

"Geography, in conjunction with other subjects taught, should contribute to shaping the moral character of the school child."

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