Co-op ed: What is it?

Where would you go in the US to learn how to manage a co-op ed program that alternates one week in school with one week in a major private business? And where the students earn high school credit at the same time as they get a job reference.

Where would you go to see television used as a teaching tool to explain to students fired from a co-op ed job what happened and what they should do in the future so that they won't be fired a second time?

Where would you go to find out how private businesses are selected to work with high school students -- and how in that selection you attract the interest and cooperation of the chief officers of the company?

Where would you go to learn how teachers sandwich courses into an every-other-week schedule?

You could go to Newtown High School on 90th Street in the Elmhurst section of Queens. When you go, note the excellent reproductions of famous paintings on the hall walls; they're something special for an inner-city high school.

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