You may still buy an automatic stoker

Are there any suppliers of automatic coal-stoking systems left in the market? We understand that the old Iron Fireman company no longer is in business. John V. Higgins Sundown, N.Y.

Indeed there are, but not many; the demand isn't exactly brisk these days.

The Stokermatic, with a floating feed screw, can be obtained by writing to the Adams Boiler Company, 147 McCarter Highway, Newark, N.J. 07104. The phone: (201) 481-3777.

Then there is another company, Van Wert, at 739 River Street, Peckville, Pa. 18452.

And finally, drop a note to the Axman-Anderson Company, if you wish, at 233 West Street, Williamsport, Pa. 17701, home of Little League baseball.

I was only able to get the names of these companies by calling H. N. Hartwell & Sons Inc. here in Boston and speaking to A. V. Olsen, who said: "It's amazing the interest in anthracite coal these days, not just by industry but by homeowners as well."

Maybe the wheel has turned around completely: coal to oil, gas, electricity, and now coal again.

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