Colorful pictures, lively tales; The Elephant Who Couldn't Forget, by Faith McNutty. New York: Harper & Row. $5 .95.

There are many interesting facts about these gentle giants in this book. For example, it is the oldest female elephant that leads and instructs the younger females and their babies. Congo, a baby elephant, has much to learn from his grandmother, Manyara, and with his super memory, he finds it easy. Manyara instructs him in the things that are important. Congo remembers the key things about lions, food, and manners, but what does he remember when his brother, Zambesi, squirts mud in Congo's eye? What did Manyara tell him was the most important of all not to forget? In this book for readers aged 4 to 8, we learn a lesson with Congo about what we all need to remember.

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