Silica gel absorbs 40% of its weight

Q. Silica gel, as you have written, is used to absorb moisture. "X" amount of silica gel will absorb "Y" amount of water. Will you fill in the X and Y? Ramona Jablonski Baltimore, Md.

A. One grand thing about this colum is the education it provides the author.

I hadn't the foggiest notice about the X and Y. So I got in touch with the Plantabs Corporation, 6 Foxtail Road, Timonium, Md. 21093, suppliers of silica gel. The company reports that X equals 10 pounds and Y equals 4 pounds.

Thus, silica gel will absorb 40 percent of its weight. How do you like those apples!

Our columns concerning silica gel have to do with its use in absorbing moisture between regular and storm windows; in effect, counteracting condensation.

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