Where windmills can be obtained

At one time you published a list of places where one could buy windmills. I am in need of that list. Could you please send it to me? Mrs. Monroe Young Corbin, Ky.

Indeed, a number of companies do build or sell wind-energy systems in the US. Although I don't know of any in Kentucky, here is a list of a few distributors or manufacturers which you might contact: American Wind Turbine 1016 East Airport Road Stillwater, okla. 74074 Dyna Technology Inc. PO Box 3263 Sioux City, Iowa 51102 Independent Energy Systems 6043 Sterrettania Road Fairview, Pa. 16415 Aero-Power 432 Natoma Street San Francisco, Calif. 94103 Independent Power Developer PO Box 1467 Noxon, Mont. 59853

With the rapid increase in energy costs these days, many people are taking a look at wind-energy systems (windmills) if their use seems to be viable in their area of the country.

The Wind Genni Manufacturing Company sells a wind generator which is aimed at the average homeowner. The latest price I have is $3,595, plus the tower, but undoubtedly the price has since gone up. The Wind Genni will generate 3,000 watts of usable electricity, according to John Gilveli, 508 south Byrne Road, Toledo, Ohio 43609, the regional manager. If more power is needed, the local utility company will provide it.

Get in touch with the Wind Systems Program, Rockwell International, Rocky Flats Plant, PO Box 464, Golden, Colo. 80401. Phone: (303) 497-2986.

Further, the American Wind Energy Association is at 1621 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20009. Phone: (202) 667-9137.

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