The Giant Panda

Here I am in the toystore, just before it opens. I keep thinking how noisy it will be. People bustling around, cash registers ringing, and lost of little hands touching me all over.

I will tell you a little about me. I'm big, black and white. I'm a Panda bear. Oh no! The store's opening. On go the lights and in flood the people. Someone is coming up to me! It's a lady with a tiny baby. I'm being taken off the shelf! What's happening?! Good grief! They put me in a bag! Don't they realize I can hardly breathe? Maybe I could stick my head out and look around.

(A couple minutes later.) I made it! What are we doing now? Why, we are going out the doors. What an experience! I am being put into some sort of vehicle that moves. Up and down bumps we go.We've stopped! Why we we stopping? (Later.) I guess I am in the baby's room. Elephants and clowns on the wallpaper.Why, there's the baby! She's in her crib sleeping. I'll be quiet so I don't disturb here. She has many nice toys.

After her nap, the baby had some juice, and then her mother put her on the floor. She crawled right over to me. "Now you be good, Linda," the mother said.

As the baby grew older, the mother had a baby boy, then another baby boy, and the another girl. The girl's name was Lisa, and she loved me the most. Now I sit in the windowseat of her room.

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