Get "outside-inside" feeling in swing

About 10 years ago Dr. August F. Daro wrote a treatise called "The Inside Swing." He felt it explained a new concept that took him from being a 100 -shooter to playing close to par.

Now I have studied this work again and again. But nowhere in it have I ever been able to find an explanation of what Dr. Daro means by "the inside swing." He doesn't define it. The nearest he gets to it is a reference in one sentence to "the coordination of the right shoulder, elbow, forearm and hand" and another 10 pages later to "the big outside swing" of Julius Boros, coming, he says, from the left shoulder.

Because of this vagueness I do not know if I am interpreting Dr. Daro correctly or putting forward something of my own. But here's the idea:

As you swing back and down it feels as if there were two arcs to the swing . . . am "outside" swing from the left shoulder and an "inside," almost parallel, swing of the right upper arm. On the downswing the right shoulder and the right arm feel as though they are coming through "inside" the left.

Try it now, without a club, and should instantly get the point.

At the address the right elbow is "inside" the left elbow. So it should be as you swing the club to and through the impact area.

Get the feel of this "inside" swing and you can scarcely go wrong, provided you also have the feeling of the left arm swinging from the left shoulder at the same time.

It's a dual swing. An "outside-inside" swing. And if you can keep this feeling of having always an "inside" swing with the right hand, forearm, elbow and upper arm you may very well discover a consistency you never knew before.

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