Paint to use on cedar siding

Q. What kind of paint should I use for cedar siding when the first coat was oil-base and the second stain. We are not satisfied with the finish. Is there any better time than dry weather in which to apply exterior paint? S.K. Milwaukee, Wis.

A. Why are you dissatisfied with the existing finish? It its appearance or color unacceptable; or is its condition deteriorating? Does your refinishing taste prefer flat, semigloss, gloss, or a stain finish?

To clarify your own reasons for the unacceptability of the existing finish as well as to determine the refinishing process, get in touch with your local Mr. Paint for a field inspection of the unsatisfactory surface. It's hard to envision the problem from 2,000 miles away.

After analyzing why the existing finish is bugging you, choose a finish which is more suitable to your taste and fancy.

The best time to apply paint is always in dry weather.

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