All you need to know about arranging foods in the freezer

There are still many misconceptions about frozen foods -- how to organize them in the freezer and how to use the freezer most efficiently. Here are some questions and answers that should he helpful.

Can you put hot food in the freezer?

Generally speaking, the faster a food is frozen, the better the retention of its original quality. It is quite permissible to put leftovers and similar small quantities of food directly into the freezer.

However, larger quantities might better be cooled to room temperature first. This way the freezer will have less work to do and will bring the product to the frozen state faster.

How should you arrange items in the freezer?

Unfrozen products should be placed near the walls of freezing elements and not in contact with already frozen items. Provision for air circulation around unfrozen products should be made to ensure rapid and uniform freezing.

Arrange the contents of your freezer in an orderly fashion. Keep fruits or vegetables of one kind together, bakery goods in one section, meats in another. An orderly freezer holds more.

Why should items in the freezer be dated?

Never put anything in the freezer without dating it. Two loaves of bread or two packages of frozen vegetables look exactly alike in the freezer; yet one may be six months old and the other fresh.

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