BEgin and Sadat

I am only twelve years old And haven't traveled far, But I think people all want peace, No matter who they are. Israelis should live happily, And Egyptian people too. Fighting in war is horrible. It's something no one should do. Mr. Begin and Mr. Sadat Should get together again. They should have a private chat, Just like two friendly men. Then Mr. Begin should take a trip And visit Egypt for a while. He should meet the Egyptian people And learn what makes them smile. Mr. Sadat should travel too, Stay in Israel for a spell, Live with Israeli people, And get to know them well. Another solution to the problem In our hands Would be to divide the area Into separate but equal lands. Or maybe let the people Travel freely back and forth, Israelis to the south, And Egyptians to the north. Maybe things would get better If they joined forces And shared each other's Important resources. If Israel and Egypt Could somehow arrange To send their young On a student exchange, The kids could become friends And grow up to be Adults who would keep Peace and Harmony. In Egypt and Israel All of the teachers Should frequently discuss Each other's good features. We should all learn to respect Each other's worth. And that's the beginning Of peace on Earth. Whatever the answer We all must not cease To continue to work For Mideastern peace!

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