Advice for the 1980 college grad

It looks as if 1980 will be a fair year for college graduates, with a slight increase of .5 percent hired this year over last. This prediction comes from a Michigan State University study of 471 businesses, industries, governmental agencies, and educational institutions employing new college graduates.

Those with degrees in petroleum engineering, computer science, and electrical and mechanical engineering will be most in demand. In general, employers are looking for individuals with degrees in technical areas or those with saleable skills.

An ability to write and speak effectively is cited by employers as the greatest need of college graduates for entry into full-time work. On a list of 51 factors rated in order of importance in the employment decision, grades ranked 28th.

Other less tangible variables, such as "the ability to get things done," and "emphasis on the quality of work performed" rated higher.

For those out job-seeking, employers recommend the following:

* Prepare for interviews.

* Research the organization you are interviewing with.

* Show a genuine interest in the organization -- be willing to work hard.

* Have a well-prepared resume.

* Sell yourself -- be assertive and persistent.

* Some sort of work experience (summer or semester internship) related to the organization is looked at very favorably.

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