Vance takes blame for UN vote mixup on Israel

Secretary of State Cyrus R. Vance, in testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Thursday, reiterated that his misunderstanding of President Carter's orders led to the controversial US vote mixup on Israel at the United Nations.

Mr. Carter's disavowal of the resolution raised congressional suspicions that the original vote reflected a possible shift in the US commitment to Israel's security.

But Mr. Vance insisted Thursday US policy toward Israel remains the same -- opposition to Jewish settlements in occupied Arab territory and support for an undivided Jerusalem.

Sen. Frank Church (D) of Idaho, committee chairman, complained that UN ambassador Donald F. McHenry and Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Harold H. Saunders, invited to the hearing, did not appear.

Mr. Vance said he had asked them to stay away, the State Department being his ultimate responsibility.

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