Political notes on an Irish holiday

Aides say Sen. Edward M. Kennedy will definite attend the St. Patrick's Day parade with Mayor Jane M. Byrne, despite the controversy the invitation has touched off. "Since Mayor Byrne is chairman of the parade committee, she can invite whomever she wants," says Terry Michael, press secretary for the Kennedy Illinois campaign. "I'm sure Senator Kennedy would love to march next to President Carter in the St. Patrick's Day Parade here if only the President would agree to debate down State Street."

Mrs. Byrne said earlier she sees no place for the President in this coming Monday's parade -- the day before the Illinois primary -- because he is "an Englishman." Mrs. Byrne says she invited Senator Kennedy, whom she has endorsed for the Democratic nomination, on grounds of his Irish heritage.

But President Carter's Illinois camp took issue with the mayor's move.

"The late Mayor [Richard J.] Daley said that everyone was an Irishman on St. Patrick's Day," said Larry Hansen, director of Mr. Carter's Illinois campaign.

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